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Thicker than Water

Posted in New York, Surfing by Keegan on February 14, 2009

My favorite surf movie of all time, and possibly my most influencing reason to pick up a camera in the first place was a surf movie called Thicker Than Water. If you don’t know about it, please watch it, even if you don’t surf or even know anything about surfing.

There is a very short scene in the movie that takes place in NY. During this scene, there is a street performer singing a great tune. The song and his voice, although it was only a a 20 second clip or so, has stuck with me since.

Today, on the way back downtown from checking out the photo exhibit and the Arms and Armor section of the Metropolitan museum, I walked into the subway at 77th street and lexington to get on the 6 towards downtown, and I hear a voice that instantly sounded soo nostalgically familiar. After 5 seconds of listening, I knew it was the same guy from Thicker Than Water. I asked him if he knew about it, and he was obviously completely confused. I also asked how long he had been street performing, and he said probably around 10 years. Thicker than Water was shot in 1999, so this is the 10 year mark.


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  1. Esdi said, on April 15, 2009 at 2:03 am

    Yeah! That scene where Conan Hayes was lost in New York for a lay over flight or some shit. Black n white, and a quick clip of that guy singin away. Loved the movie too and your blog rocks! BTW there was a scene they shot down in Mexico or another south american country where they were showing the boys taking turns killing a left point or beach break and there were some jungle, hills n what not in the back ground. It was either during one of Chris Malloy’s rides where, as JJ was filming him riding, there was some light flash or light source coming from the jungle! Sketchy n freaky but good trivia in case you didn’t know or notice. hehe im a big fan too.

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