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the L to the 1

Posted in New York by Keegan on March 12, 2009


I just moved into a new place for a little while out here in NY. It is right across the street from Tompkins Sq. Park. Its pretty simple, but spacious for out here and has great lighting due to the big windows and the skylights in the roof. Hopefully will shoot in here soon. Haven’t really been too creative on the photography front really recently. Been concentrating on writing a story for what will hopefully be my first feature I direct. Really excited. So bare with the boring photos. Click for more.




Once I get all situated and get artwork in here, I will get some shoots going. I plan on shooting portraits of everyone that comes over in a similar setting/lighting.


Went to check out Brendan Lynch working on his piece for “The New Deal” art show tomorrow that Matt Morevec is putting on.  In the subway when transferring from the L to the 1 on the way over I finally saw one of these poster ad changes. Click HERE for more examples on his/her/their Flickr page.





Here is Brendan. Either come to the show or check back to see the finished piece.


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  1. linda gibbs said, on March 12, 2009 at 7:49 am

    great. love the new place, the light is beautiful.

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