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it was overhead!!!

Posted in Beach Culture, Open Spaces, Photography, Random Photos by Keegan on July 8, 2011

flew down to mexico a few times in the last month and the last time coming home, was mesmerized by the vast mexican desert. viva!! (more…)

ice cream

Posted in Beach Culture, Photography, Random Photos, Surfing, Travel by Keegan on June 28, 2011

My little cousin Fisher, collecting on the local ice cream man’s daily rounds in La Saladita, Mexico. (more…)

on the way out

Posted in Beach Culture, Open Spaces, Photography, Random Photos, Surfing by Keegan on June 28, 2011

Took this image a few days ago. June gloom is here and isnt going away apparently…


Posted in friends, Photography, Random Photos by Keegan on June 21, 2011

been done, but we were bored. Model Amanda Booth.

ayy one zeroooo

Posted in friends, Random Photos by Keegan on May 15, 2011

dodgers for spencers birthday


i didnt forget about you babe

Posted in Graffiti, Open Spaces, Photography, Random Photos, Travel by Keegan on May 1, 2011

just found some images from my couple of flights home from europe about a month ago. (more…)


This weekend, on January 15th from 8-11, I will have the opening of my first solo photo exhibition at the beautiful Known Gallery on Fairfax in Los Angeles.

I have been working tirelessly on this collection of images and installations, and my friends Brendan Lynch and Sage Vaughn will also be showing work in the Project room. I got a good look at the final prints the other day before they were sent off to the framer and I can’t begin to say how excited I was to see the body of work all together in its final stages. It was a mix of pure joy and excitement as tears almost filled my eyes as we rolled open the images, one by one, my face grinning ear to ear as each passed by. The gallery is beautiful and the installation is going to be amazing. Please come out and hang, have a drink, find me, say hi, and enjoy the night with a bunch of us.

Thanks to EVERYONE for all the support, including everyone who checks this site out. Below are some words describing the motivation for this collection of images.

“The ocean is and always has been the epicenter of my existence on this planet. I am an aquanaut on a thruster in this ever amazing and boundless liquid energy. I have optimized and streamlined my life to ensure maximum time gliding across water. Every choice and relationship, all decisions and waking thoughts (and most dreams) are influenced and infused by the pull of the tides, the whiff of an offshore breeze, and the lucid corduroy lines gracefully stampeding
towards the coast.

I go to the sea to surf, to bond with friends or to be alone, to let out aggression or to find inner peace. The moving ocean is my solid ground. The moment one stands up on a board, propelled by a wave racing across the sea, one is only aware of the present – nothing else. I have never found any other way to achieve that absolutely pure and meditative mindstate.

Open Space is my expression of the state one falls into while floating weightless off shore, looking out to sea, hoping and waiting for the next set. Troubles are isolated far away on the unreality of land, while you are free in the truest reality of water. It is a timeless unspoilable state that cannot be ruined, not even by the angry local that may be slashing your tires and waxing your windows simply because he doesn’t want to share some waves. To a surfer it’s an understandable
act of necessary evil to keep an ungoverned subculture in form, and from it breaking into full bore beachblanket-bingo havoc.

Open Space is a collection of images, collages, and installations that evoke the balance in my life.”

Click for full invite and Press Release. (more…)